Sunday, August 19, 2012

SO excited!!!!

I am so excited for so many things right now! Yesterday was the Sunset Strip Music Fest in West Hollywood which I'll have to write about because I actually found some pretty awesome vegan options there.

Next week is Las Vegas!!!!

Andddd in less than a month...Hawaii!!! So far I've figured I'm going to fly into Maui and spend about three days there traveling around. Heres what I have planned so far (let me know if I'm missing anything!)
Iao Needle State Monument
Honolua Bay (want to snorkel here)
Dragons Teeth
Ka'anapali Beach and Black Rock (more snorkeling)
Road to Hana
Haleakala National Park

thennn  after all that I'll be traveling to Hilo for a few days, then down to Pahoa for three weeks! If anyone has any tips on things to do in any of these places, or yummy vegan places it would be greatly appreciated!! :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Upcoming Trip!-Hawaii!!!

Finally booked my flight to Hawaii!! And (mostly) figured out what I'll be doing! Please feel free to give any comments or opinions! I'm totally open to suggestions for my trip, and since I've never been to Hawaii I appreciate any ideas!

I plan to fly into Maui on September 16th and spend three days driving around the island counter clockwise. I want to stop in Lahaina, and do the Road to Hana, making many of the stops along the way.

I then plan on flying to Hilo and spending a day or two there, before heading to Pahoa. I'll be doing three works of volunteer work in Pahoa. After that I plan on going to Captain Cook where I want to snorkel and kayak. Then up to Kona for a day, before heading back home to LA!


I am so nervous, this will be the longest I've traveled (my longest trip being cross country, about two weeks), and I'm going to be totally out of my element...camping out in the rainforest?! But I am SOOOOOO excited!! I can not wait to explore another new place, and being able to be there for a whole month is truly amazing!